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Big Data and AI Converge in Map to Protect Biodiversity  Datanami

What’s living where? Those are the basic pieces of data that biologists and conservationists are hoping to collect and load into the Map of Biodiversity.

Where is ocean biodiversity most at risk?  Futurity: Research News

New research provides an overview of where ocean biodiversity is most at risk, and how that compares with protected areas. The results present the first …

Global problem, local solutions: on biodiversity  The Hindu

Forest dwellers and farmers are the best hope to preserve biodiversity and ensure food security.

Biopiracy News

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Spotlight on biopiracy – The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

Spotlight on biopiracy  The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

The College House has witnessed so much history. Its centenarian memories would fill rich volumes bursting with good things. Tuesday this week, the former …